Dave Pede's Illinois Issues Needs

Pic? Issue Edge
Lettering BSA
Description BB
7 Owasippe Chicago IL
F6.0c DYL R WHT DYL TLS 31685
N2.0a RED P WHT RED SSC; NOAC48; BRN lockstitch 630
N3.0 GRN P LGY 1915-1965; Chapter Officers 631
N3.5 DBL P LBL 52nd Nat'l Conf Embroidered; w/P1 35342
N3.7 YEL P DBL 54th Annual Nat'l Conf Embroidered; w/P2 35343
N3.8 DYL P BLK 56th Annual Conference Embroidered; w/P2 35344
N4.2 ORG P LBL Emb design into cloth 35345
N4.3 ORG P BLK Emb design into cloth like P3 35346
N4.5 WHT P RED 50th Anniversary Committee; w/P2 35347
N4.6 ORG P BLK WHT EMB; YEL 50 Years of Service; ANN; NOAC73 33914
N5.0 WHT P BLU WHT EMB; YEL 55 Years of Service; ANN 633
N5.5 WHT P DBL 1975 National Conference Embroidered 35348
N6.0 RED P BLU WHT EMB; YEL 55 Years of Service; ANN 634
N7.0 WHT P BLU WHT NOAC77; 55 Years of Service; ANN 635
N10.4 DBL RED flocked SSC; Camp Ceremonial Team 1983 46520
N10.5 WHT RED SSC; Camp Ceremonial Team 1984 46521
N10.7 RED WHT SSC; Camp Ceremonial Team 1985 46522
N11.0 LBL R NBL WHT WHT Elangomat; YEL 7 37936
R1.0 Now listed as YR 1 566
R7.0 GMY R BLK GMY T-bird & WWW; RED arrow; (50th officers) 590
R9.0 WHT R LYL ORG T-bird; RED inner bdr. (design like R7) 33672
S3.0b BLK R DOR WHT PB 594
S11.0b GMY R DBL M/C YEL RED arrow; DYL 65 years of service; lighter GMY F R/E 31688
S21.0 Listed in error; duplicate listing of S16 621
BB7 S39.0 SMY R BLK RED LGY WHT WWW 2008, RED ArrowCorps 5; delegate 47673
X2.0 ORG R BLK BLK REC; NOAC63; Authenticity questioned 583
YR1.0 BLK LBL BLK NOAC46 stenciled on cloth. This badge was never a neckerchief. Usage unknown; possible prototype or limited issue 35327
YR2.0 GMY R BLK GMY GMY 50; GMY 1921-1971' ANN (Fellowship); prototype of R6 37550
YR3.0 GMY R BLK DYL GMY 50; DYL 1921-1971' ANN (Fellowship); prototype of R6 37551
ZF1.0 BLK C WHT BLK handmade repro of F1 44002
ZS6.0 BLK C WHT BLK handmade repro of F1 44003
23 Wenasa Quenhotan Peoria IL
R0.5 WHT R LBL BLK WHT "Elangomat; All lettering in script, BSA stock design" 35351
S3.0b BLU R M/C BLK WHT bkgd for name; YEL 1514
32 Kishkakon Wood River IL
S1.0b BLK R M/C RED DTQ sky 1857
38 Inali Galesburg IL
N0.5 WHT RED EMB; flat chenille 31123
S3.0f BLK R M/C BLK 6 mm "38"; YOR behind fox; YEL bottom; LGY rays 46592
YN1.0 BLU EMB; "38" w/ arrow; undocumented 33900
ZF1.0 RED C ORG BLK handmade repro of F1 44025
40 Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Highland Park IL
N5.0 50th ANN; EMB 2264
N6.0 EMB; like S13 2265
S6.0b BLK R M/C BLK 19mm arrowhead 2229
S17.0 GMY R RED DYL DYL TAN bird; FDL on right like S18 2244
BB7 YC1.0 RED GRN BLK YEL 6" round like work weekend patch 47667
41 Natokiokan Wheaton IL
A1.0 RED WHT M/C SSC on felt; RED hawk; 58 name of uniformly thick letters; no WHT lines separating body parts; on square felt 2267
A2.0a DRD WHT M/C SSC on felt; DRD hawk; 58 mm name of uniformly thick letters; WHT lines separate body parts; on square feet 2268
A3.0 RED WHT RED hawk with WHT details; 3 RED & WHT arrows; twill 2270
N1.0 WHT M/C silkscreen like A3; RED silk inner bdr 2356
N2.0 DYL RED silkscreen; state and arrow 30063
ZA2.0 BLU C WHT BLU handmade repro of C1 44050
ZA3.0 RED C ORG RED handmade repro of A1 44051
ZF1.0 YEL C WHT RED Malaysia origin (2004); like F1 41697
ZF2.0 YEL C WHT RED GRN WWW; handmade repro of F1 44052
ZF3.0 YEL C WHT RED handmade repro of F2; BLK details 44053
ZR1.0 BLK C WHT BLK handmade repro of R1 44054
41 Lowaneu Allanque St. Charles IL
S1.0b BLK R M/C BLU BLU BSA; FF; LGR & GRN borealis & DGR grass 47531
55 Waukheon Danville IL
BB7 L3.0 RED DBL WHT design like S4, hanging feathers 3028
N0.5 WHT RED EMB; RED circles & lodge name 3057
N1.0 YOR RED flocked sateen; DBL bird; RED arrowhead 3058
N4.5 DYL RED SSC; S1 bird; GRN top of bird 3062
N6.0b RED P WHT BLU SSC 3065
N7.0a RED P WHT DBL regular bird; SSC 3066
N7.0b RED P WHT BLU regular bird; SSC 3067
N9.0 BLK R RED BLK 3 part patch; YEL 50 3069
N11.0 WHT BLU Iron-on transfer 33917
N12.0 ORG BLU Iron-on transfer 41642
ZR2.0 BLK C ORG BLK BLK WWW; handmade repro of R1, twill round 44061
55 Illini Champaign IL
S4.0b WHT R M/C BLU RED GRN trees and grass 3079
63 Potawatomie Bloomington IL
N0.5 RED WHT Stencil; RED Lodge totem; contrast RED color hem stitch 30073
N1.0b M/C P WHT GRN EMB; flat chenille; bdr has BLK & GMY ribbon 3423
N2.0 YEL BLK SSC; Dance Team 3424
R4.0b DYL C GRN RED bottom of bird is ORG 3412
ZS3.0 M/C R PGr WHT Pale green backgroun; handmade repro 44069
81 Mannaseh East St. Louis IL
N1.3 BLK RED EMB; like A4; WHT arrowhead and buffalo 31707
YJ1.0 WHT GRN Needle point design of C1 4349
YL1.0 TAN BLK "Manaseh Trail" 42373
YN1.0 DYL GRN SSC; Arrow with GRN number; stenciled on BSA Neckerchief 33383
YN3.0 LBL RED EMB; 14mm RED number, 13mm WWW & arrow right 46530
81 Taleka Belleville IL
S4.0b DYL R M/C BLK Most of lodge name on DBR mountain 4355
S28.0 GMY R DBL RED RED NOAC 2004 44080
YS1.0 WHT R WHT WHT WHT like S13 with '35th Anniversary' 37969
YS2.0 GRN R M/C BLK RED RED WWW; Protoype like s20 47486
YS3.0 BRN R M/C BLK RED RED WWW; Prototype like s20 47487
YS4.0 YEL R M/C BLK RED RED WWW; Prototype like s20 47488
92 Illini Champaign IL
N2.0 WHT GRN SSC; ILLINI officer 4767
N3.0a GRN BLK SSC; BRN handle on skullcracker; WHT mark on BLK end 4768
N4.0 GRN BLK SSC; skull cracker officer 4770
N5.0 BLK hand painted flower design; NOAC69 4771
S5.0b RED R GRN DYL 48x117 mm 4751
BB7 ZS1.0 RED R GRN RED BLK FDL; NOAC86 delegate 47111
94 Blackhawk Wood River IL
N1.0 WHT BLK Native American like A1; RED WWW; block print 4848
N2.0 M/C WHT EMB; GMY & BLU ribbon 4849
N3.0 LYL SSC; Native American head in RED circle 4850
N4.0 WHT SSC; Native American head in RED circle 4851
N5.0 WHT SSC; Native American head in RED arrowhead 4852
106 Wiyapunit Aurora IL
X4.5 RED Felt arrow to be placed behind X4c on neckerchief; 160 x 29 mm 33991
X5.0b DGR R WHT BLK RBR elk; TLR 5518
ZS1.0 GRN C WHT RED handmade repro of S1 44084
106 Kishagamie Aurora IL
ZS2.0 RED C WHT BLK YEL & GRY rivers; handmade repro of S2 44087
ZS3.0 RED C WHT BLK PGR & BLU rivers; handmade repro of S2 44088
106 Glikhikan St. Charles IL
J2.0 WHT R BLU BLU TL; E. Urner Goodman camping award; 1973 5539
N1.0 RED RED BLU Executive Committee 80-81; 10th Anniv. 37970
S3.0b WHT R M/C DBL HOR moon RED details; LBL water; LTQ sky 5532
S4.0b WHT R M/C DBL BGR & very DGR trees; DBR/BRN left tree; TRQ sky 5535
S8.0b WHT R TRQ NBL NBL TRQ sky; BSA; PB 5549
YS1.0 BRN R M/C DYL DYL Stump in middle; NOAC IU;"75 Anniv"; 75thOA 5585
YS2.0 BRN R M/C DYL DYL Stump in middle; NOAC IU; 75thOA 5586
115 Ellini Belleville IL
YX1.0 C GRN YEL YEL W and 38 RED arrow on felt; Camp Wangelin, verification pending 31170
115 Cascasquia Belleville IL
N0.5 WHT RED SSC BLK bird; RED 115 5990
N1.0a BLK P WHT RED SSC BLK bird; DYL 115; 144 mm arrow 5991
YF1.0 BLK R WHT RED bdr is non-marrowed R/E 5992
ZF1.0 BLK C WHT RED BLK bird; DYL WWW; DYL star has DYL bdr around it; TLR 5993
120 Chief Shabbona St. Charles IL
R1.0a DBL WHT felt; RED arrow chain stitched onto camp patch; (1941) 44092
R1.0b DBL WHT felt; RED arrow EMB into original camp patch 44093
ZS2.0 BLK C RED YEL solid EMB, handmade repro of F2, crisp face. 44097
120 Ne Con Che Moka St. Charles IL
ZS3.0 LBL R M/C BLK handmade repro of S1 44099
126 Cahokia Granite City IL
F4.0b RED C DYL RED LBR face 6370
132 Illinek Springfield IL
R0.5 RED C KAK RED 37150
R1.0a RED C BLK RED HOR WHT behind cardinal; DIAG stitch cardinal; WAB; thin BLK arrow; TR; arrowhead made of 2 lines; barbed 6661
S5.0a RED R WHT BLK BLK BLK BSA on left; VER; PB; WHT eye 6675
BB7 S32.0 BLK R WHT BLK RED BLK WWW GMY NOAC 2009 Indiana U. 47654
BB7 X6.0 BLK C RED GMY RED GMY NOAC 2009 IU mate w/S32 47656
136 Maheengun Quincy IL
N1.0 WHT RED SSC; wolf face 6911
N2.0a WHT R WHT RED RED SSC face of wolf; bottom "W" 42mm from bottom 6912
N3.0 BLK P WHT RED M/C SSC BLU wolf on BLK mound 6913
S5.0d BLK R M/C RED RED BRN mound; CB; BLU-GRY wolf 46687
S10.0 SMY R BLU RED DYL NOAC92 contingent 6905
140 Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak Rockford IL
N1.0 LBL SSC; BLK WWW, 140 7161
N1.5 LYL SSC; BLK WWW, 140 33830
N2.0 LYL SSC; RED design 7162
140 Wulapeju Rockford IL
S5.0 BLK R WHT RED RED CD; two line name; VER; 103 mm pipe 7175
S49.0 RMY R WHT RED RED used for 100% Brotherhood conversions 47494
BB7 S56.0 RED R BLU NOAC 2009 delegate 47748
BB7 X32.0 RED R BLU mate w/s56 47753
YS1.0 BLK R WHT RED RED RED 80 at left; prototype 31198
YS2.0 BLK R WHT WHT WHT RED 80 at left; rest is WHT ghost; prototype 31199
YS3.0 WHT R BRZ RED RED 3 Tee Pees; Prototype; Flap 31200
YS4.0 BRZ R BRZ RED RED 3 Tee Pees; Prototype; Flap 31201
YS5.0 YEL R BRZ RED RED 3 Tee Pees; Prototype; Flap 31202
YX2.0 BRZ R BRZ RED RED 3 Tee Pees; Prototype; CSP 31204
143 Nee-Schoock LaSalle IL
S2.0d BLK R M/C RED No rocks in front of river. (possibly thread breaks) 35444
167 Woapink Decatur IL
S17.0b DYL R M/C RED RED BRN houses; MAN lockstitch; BLU sky and water 31726
S17.0d DYL R M/C RED RED DBL sky and water 46717
S20.5 BLU R M/C BLK M/C 67x130 mm; RED 1988 N.O.A.C. 8487
ZX1.0 M/C C WHT BLK handmade repro of X3 44128
170 Khu-Ku-Koo-Huu Moline IL
F1.0b RED C DBL RED RBR flying owl 8589
ZF1.0 RED C BLU RED handmade repro of F1 44129
ZX1.0 WHT C BRN handmade repro of YX1 44130
170 Wisaka Moline IL
N2.0 GRN BLK SSC; WHT head; BLK/GRN details; ORG arrow 8604
N3.0 BLU BLK SSC; WHT Buffalo head w/ BLK details 33922
S1.0d BLK R M/C BLK 57x117 mm; LGY buffalo head 46718
ZF1.0 M/C C ORG BLK handmade repro of F1 44131
170 Muc-Kis-Sou Davenport IA
F1.0 DYL R M/C WHT 55x120 mm; BRN eagle; BLK details; TLS 8606
S5.0b RED R M/C RED DYL 101mm arrow; RED lockstitch; BRN eagle 31747
S5.0c RED R M/C RED DYL 102mm arrow; BRN lockstitch 31748
S6.0b BLK R M/C RED DYL 100mm arrow; BLK lockstitch 31749
S9.0a SMY R M/C RED DYL SS; WHT-SMY bdr.; round top corners 8618
S14.0 BLK R M/C RED RED NOAC92 8624
S17.0 SMY R M/C Home of the National Vice Chief 8629
ZS3.0 LOR R M/C RED YEL 1915-1990; 75thOA; like S12 8632
175 Lakota Mount Prospect IL
N2.0b WHT M/C W's appear to have BLK outline 30104
N3.0 WHT RED A; BLU arrow; 25th ANN; (1965) 8753
BB7 R3.0 GRN R WHT DBL Deign like R1 47601
S3.0b RED R LGY RED 52x107 mm 8719
BB7 S4.0c RED R GRY RED RED HOR wing; 52 x 117 mm 47603
S6.0c ORG R BRN ORG ORG no bead at sun 46723
S17.0 RED R GRY RED RED 51x117 mm; HOR wing 8742
BB7 S36.0 SMY R GRY WHT WHT WHT 2007 Central Region Chief 47598
BB7 YB1.0 SMY R BLK RED RED Feathered wing tips; 56 x 129 mm 47599
YR1.0 BLU GRY lodge totem on felt; pending further documentation 47202
191 Kashapiwigamak Peoria IL
N2.0 RED P WHT DYL RED tepee; DYL pipe; RED staff 9288
197 Waupecan Morris IL
N0.3 RED WHT DRD Handpainted 33892
215 Noo-Ti-Mis Oh'ke Waukegan IL
F2.0c RED R WHT DYL Tags from letters to Border 31229
N0.7 WHT RED pale OLV leaf in pale OLV circle; RED lettering; mirror leaf of N1 w/ lead coming off of "5" in 215 higher than leaf off of "2" 41640
S2.0 DBL R M/C DBL TAN acorn with no DBR bdr; (stitch defect?) 10148
ZF2.0 RED C WHT DYL handmade repro of F1 44145
ZS1.0 RED C WHT DYL handmade repro of F1 44146
ZS3.0 BLU C GRY BLU handmade repro of S1; BRN details 44148
227 Wetassa Freeport IL
N1.0a RED P WHT BLK SSC BRN and RBR raccoon design 10550
YS1.0 GRY R WHT RED probable rebordering of S2 38002
240 Ney-A-Ti Herrin IL
L1.0a Soft Leather; one hole to left; branded beaver 3"x2"; 'Ney-A-Ti' 31232
N1.0 RED R WHT BRN cut out cotton beaver; Authenticity Questioned 11199
S10.0b RED R M/C RED M/C CD ORD; BRN beaver; DGR dots in grass 39523
YX1.0 BLK RED felt arrow on BLK felt; REC; requires further verification 11201
ZS1.0 RED C GRY RED handmade repro of S1 44150
ZX2.0 BLU C BLU YEL YEL handmade repro of X2 44152
246 Pachsegink La Grange IL
BB7 S37.0 GMY C ORG BLK BLK BLU 2018 NOAC, SMY 1994-2018 25, RED WWW (used by attendees) 47949
248 Wabaningo Evanston IL
N1.0 WHT DRD SSC GRN w- duck- tree; dark RED lettering on silk 11398
N2.0 WHT R WHT RED SSC 11399
N3.0 WHT RED SSC GRN w- duck- tree; RED lettering 11400
R3.0 BLK C BLK WHT SSC on sateen; M/C design; WHT ritual Dance Team 11388
X0.5 GRY Felt; Band patch w/ wildcat; WWW 46782
ZF1.0 WHT R BLU WHT Handmade repro of F1 44159
334 Shin-Go-Beek Oak Park IL
N1.0 WHT GRN SSC; RED arrow; number; OA conference 14967
P2.0b DPR R NBL WHT NBL inside WHT stitched inner bdr; BLU outside; TRI 46835
S20.0 GMY R BLU WHT YEL like S19; formerly listed as ZS7 38010
BB7 X1.3 WHT R WHT BLU "Nat.O.A. Conference 1956" strip 47764
BB7 X1.5 WHT C WHT BLU "Nat.O.A. Conference 1961" strip 47499
X2.0 WHT R WHT 17x128 mm REC; DBL NATIONAL CONFERENCE 1963; strip; NOAC 14939
X3.0 WHT C WHT NBL Nat. OA. Conference 1965; previously removed in error 38013
504 Saukenuk Rock Island IL
ZF1.0 WHT C LBL RED squared lower corners; crude handmade EMB 21227
ZS1.0 WHT C BLU RED handmade repro of F1; windows centered 44165